ACHSE Verlag creates contemporary books.

We are a young indie publisher from Vienna and offer a diverse program with a feminist-queer focus: (children’s) books and games that we develop together with sex educators and artists.

ACHSE children’s books

Beautifully illustrated books that convey a message without pointing fingers: That is the claim of the ACHSE children’s book line. Because body images and gender are not topics that only concern adults. Be curious and ask lots of questions – educational and colorful and diverse in every way, ACHSE books encourage interest and fun in reading and reading aloud.

ACHSE Literature

Literature at ACHSE sets contemporary trends.
We publish young and exciting authors from Vienna and Austria. Lena Johanna Hödl, Esma Ahmedi and Martin Albler are fresh literary voices who show that it pays to get a little wilder in language and content. The result is well worth reading: Unconventional books that hit the zeitgeist now and in the future!