Achse Verlag creates and publishes unconventional hybrid projects in the context of social culture: art, design and cookbooks, fiction, experimental book forms, annual artists’ series, calendars, online formats and everything that appears odd, aesthetic or unimaginable. Achse Verlag supports the creation and expansion of an European network, which questions traditional structures and forms the future book market. Booklovers, writers, publishers, distributers, bookshops and all people interested in the book business are invited to participate in an exchange of ideas.


In his extensive considerations about the structure of world history, the German philosopher Karl Jaspers assigned a special status to the Axial Age. 

Between 800 and 200 BC the societies of India, China, Persia, Judea and Greece developed a new awareness for humanity and began to question themselves and their limits. This period was the origin of currents of philosophy, arts and technology that also started to spread over surrounding cultures. Independent from each other, these societies brought forth geniuses whose names are still present: Laozi, Confucius, Plato, Homer, Aristotle, Zoroaster, Gautama Buddha. The recognition of several fields of the humanities has also its roots in the Axial Era, as well as the development of world philosophies such as Buddhism.

The Axial Era was followed by the age of totalitarian, oppressive, autocratic empires like the Qin dynasty or the Roman Empire. The spirit of the Axial Era, that contains a shift of perception from social to individual values, negates these systems. It survived their rise and fall and is still present in our days. 

With the term of the Axial Era Karl Jaspers gave us a vision. In this historical period people followed the principles of philosophical, artistic and intellectual freethinkers that formed the top of the society. It was an age of spiritual awakening which encouraged people to reflect their situation by questioning structures and developing new forms. 

Achse Verlag will follow this example and express these ideas in its publications and projects.


JOW - THE JOY OF WATERBOILING - a guide to prepare classic, modern and contemporary dishes in the water boiler. Artwork by Soso Phist.

The invention of the electric kettle at the end of the 19th century was a revolution. Households today are hardly imaginable without this efficient device. JOW proves that the kettle not only saves time, money and space, but also serves as a mobile kitchen. Therefore, the book presents a completely new way of cooking and offers even people who can not afford a kitchen or stove the opportunity to prepare healthy and warm meals.

The hybrid project which is a mixture of an art and a cook book, is based on an idea by the Berlin writer Thomas Götz von Aust. Artists residing in Berlin and Vienna worked in a collaborative, interdisciplinary, European project, creating the visual realization and unconventional dissemination of this innovative collection of recipes.

THE JOY OF WATERBOILING contains 100 recipes for the water boiler and will be published by Achse Verlag in 2018.

Preorder JOW: www.jow.world


Achse Verlag is part of the ACHSE network, a European network in the context of literature and arts. ACHSE questions conventional structures, promotes industry-internal cooperation and shapes the future book market. The network unites book enthusiasts, writers, publishers, printers, outlets, bookstores and industry relatives. Cultural and humanitarian qualities come together, European traditions are combined with contemporary values. ACHSE acts fair and sustainable for the people, Europe and the environment.

EU-Capacity Building, Audience Development and Crossborder Mobility are both a vision and a mission for the publisher. ACHSE launches the first CO2-free book delivery of the European Union in Vienna on September 1, 2018. In the context of this extensive cooperation, a scalable model is being developed for the transport and delivery of books and music using electric bicycles, electric cars and train services within major cities. The extension to other sectors and countries of the European Union is planned until 2025.

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